Published On : Thu, Apr 28th, 2016

”Welcome to the Circus”, Aditya Pancholi had warned Adhyayan about Kangana!

Aditya, kangana and Adhayan
With Kangana-Hrithik war turning uglier by the day, the lawyers of both the stars decided to keep their fight away from media glare. However, this helped little in stopping the buck. Now Kangana’s ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman recently opened up about his turbulent relationship with Kangana. He mentioned that he suffered a lot of physical and mental abuse from Kangana when he was dating her in 2009. Interestingly he said that Aditya Pancholi, who was once in a relationship with Kangana, had warned him about her.

In Adhyayan’s words, “Haal-E-Dil was releasing and she had come for the premiere. I remember Aditya Pancholi was standing at the exit and Kangana was just walking out. He stopped me, looked into my eyes and said, “Welcome to the circus my friend and all the best!” I didn’t understand at that time. Kangana clarified saying that Aditya did that to intimidate people with her. I told her I am not scared because we are not doing anything wrong. At the time we were getting to know each other, but we hadn’t made it public.”

He added, “Yes. On January 13, 2009 at my birthday party at home, after most people left, Mohit, Kangana, Kunal Deshmukh, my parents and dad’s few close friends were talking about how actors sometimes tend to sell our souls for commercial films. Kangana started to get offended and said, ‘We don’t sell our souls’. . Dad said he was giving a generic example but she took it personally and she called my father a b****** in front of everyone. I went to Kangana’s house that night and apologised for my dad’s behavior and ended up spending the night with her. Then dad started getting calls from the film fraternity Aditya Pancholi called my dad and said, ‘Shekharji kya ho raha hai? She’s crazy, a psycho and this has been her behavior pattern’. He was right as that was exactly her behaviour pattern with me. Aditya told my father that if he wanted he would speak to me but he should get me out of Kangana’s clutches as she would ruin me and by the time I realized it it would be too late for me.”