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    Published On : Sat, Jan 16th, 2021
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    Which is More Energy Efficient: Air Conditioner or Electric Heater?

    This question is quite relevant since most people tend to consider that using Air Conditioner heating mode is more expensive than using electric heater. Perhaps, in this regard they are drawing upon their knowledge about how it costs to use AC to cool inner spaces of a house. Let us assure you that you are dead mistaken if you are one of them.

    It is practically known that electric heater converts into heat as much energy as its operation consumes. That is another way to state that it is 100% efficient in doing the thing that it is intended for.

    Now, let us talk about HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) air conditioner. To produce the same amount of energy that in the above mentioned instance an electric heater produces, HVAC requires just around 30% of the total energy that is consumed by an electric heater! The question is what makes so much difference in energy consumption.

    Well, the answer is found in the fact that the heap pump of an air conditioner makes lavish use of the heat that already exists in a room. Technically, this result is achieved through turning the refrigerant liquid into gas using the ambient heat and, then, this gaseous refrigerant is heated by the compressor. This heat of the refrigerant is conveyed into the room again by a condenser.

    Therefore, now suppose if you pay approximately Rs.70/- per month over energy consumption by using an electric heater, then it simply means that you will spend approximately Rs.21/- only per month if you use HVAC instead of an electric heater. Do you now see why we recommend that you use the heat mode of an air conditioner instead of an electric heater this winter?

    Other Reasons for Choosing HVAC Instead of an Electric Heater

    • You must have noticed, if you use electric heater, that it keeps on running even after your room is heated, thereby overheating it. If you use reverse cycle air conditioner instead, the thermostat of your ac will automatically turn off the AC when the set temperature is reached. That is another way you can cut the cost over energy consumption.
    • If you use electric heater, you notice that its heat is felt only if you keep close to it. The farther you are from it, the colder you feel. This is not the case if you use your AC which evenly distributes hot air in your room.
    • Electric heater also poses safety issues, especially if you have kids or pets. If somehow there is something nearby that may catch fire, then you have a risk of a fire incident. Heaters may even cause circuit overloading incidence.
    • HVAC offers features like timers and sleep mode, allowing for greater control over its function.
    • If you have an electric heater, it can perform heating operation only. In Indian context, they remain out of use for a major part of the year. This is because barring some parts of the north and the north-east India, the rest of India experiences winter only for three to four months. Therefore, electric heater makes sense only if you are living in states like Kashmir, Meghalaya and Mizoram.


    On the other hand, an air conditioner can be used not only for generating heat during winter season, it can also be used during summer and monsoon to ward off heat and enjoy perfect cool. HVAC makes sense everywhere in Indian context at all times. It not only saves a lot of your hard-earned money by saving energy consumption, it also makes all seasons pleasant for you. That is no small advantage.

    If you want to get more info about best air conditioners, kindly get in touch with EnergyConversionDevices.com. Their dedicated staff will be rather happy to serve you this way. You are also welcome if you are particularly interested in knowing more about the heating mode in an air conditioner.


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