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    Published On : Mon, Oct 21st, 2019
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    Top 5 Casino Games in India

    India is quickly becoming one of the biggest online casino markets in the world. In the past few years alone, we have seen several top international casinos entering in India to contribute to the gaming industry that’s pegged at 5,540 crore (FY19)which is simply amazing.

    Now, there is no denying that more and more people across India are getting attracted towards the online casino apps. However, those who are new to online gambling often struggle to find some of the best games to get started with. If you are one of them, then the following are some of the most suitable options that you can consider:

    1. Poker

    Poker is a game so popular and common that it’s become synonymous with gambling itself. After all, it’s really fun to play with friends as it requiresa strategy and your ability to bluff. It’s also available in many formats in the online casinos like Seven-card stud, Texas Hold ‘Em, etc. which is another big reason behind its popularity.

    1. Slots

    “At https://www.bestcasinoindia.com they have a large library of online slots”.

    Traditionally, slots were played as video slots in which you would sit in front of a slots machine, put a coin in, and pull a lever. Doing this would get the reels spinning (which were usually 3) and they would stop after a few seconds. The sequence of the symbols where the reels stopped would determine your success or failure. For instance, if all the symbols were the same and of a particular type, then you would win a jackpot, and if they were all different then you would lose. The same format is now used in online slots.

    Slots are one of the simplest games that you can play for huge cash prizes.  If you will check some of the best online casinos in India, then you will find a wide range of slots that have 5-6 reels and dozens of paylines which means that your chances are winning are even higher. That’s why these are highly recommended, especially for new players.

    1. Rummy

    Rummy isn’t really a “casino” game for Indians as we grew up playing it with family and friends during special occasions and even festivals like Diwali. However, it’s quite popular as a real casino game in several countries in Europe.

    The rules of Rummy are quite simple like Poker. There are 2-4 players and each one is dealt 10 (or more or less depending on the version you are playing). The remaining cards are put on the table face down in a deck and the players take turns to pick one card at a time. You can either pick the card from the deck or put it in a discard pile. The end goal is to create a series of cards in your hand like “3,4,5” “5,6,7,8”, etc. for all the cards. Whoever is able to create a sequence first wins.

    The online casinos offer various versions of Rummy like the Sanka Rummy, Sai Rummy, etc. You can even learn Rummy hacks to become a professional and make your way to success! That’s why it’s another game that’s recommended for most of the Indian players.

    1. Roulette

    The game of roulette can be easily found on both land-based and online casinos. In fact, if you have seen any popular casino movies likeCasino Royale, then it’s possible that you have already seen this game in action.

    Roulette might be available in different formats in different online casinos but the basic rules stay the same. In every game, there is a wheel with red and black slots that have numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and 1-2 green zero slots (depending on whether you are playing American roulette or European roulette). The players bet on different numbers and then the dealer spins the wheel that has a ball in the middle. Whichever slot the ball lands on is the winning number.

    1. Bingo

    Bingo is another popular casino game that’s also a favorite among the ladies. In this, your goal is to match randomly selected numbers on a card that has a 5X5 matric. The columns are named as B-I-N-G-O, and you have to create a particular sequence with the numbers that are announced to all the players. The person who creates the sequence for “BINGO” wins!

    So, there you have it- some of the best casino games in India that you can play online. Which one are you going to try first?

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