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    Published On : Fri, Jan 1st, 2021
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    Things‌ ‌to‌ ‌Keep‌ ‌In‌ ‌Mind‌ ‌While‌ ‌Buying‌ ‌A‌ ‌Pet‌ ‌Portrait‌ ‌

    Pet portraits are a beautiful piece of art in the form of a painting of your pet. These portraits create a long lasting memory of the moment that the owner has shared with his pet. Keeping a pet is the most trending activity these days, and usually, the family has a pet to keep them as their family member.

    They love and care for them as they treat other family members of the family. Either one can make the pet portrait himself or hire a pet portrait artists who will make the portrait for him. There are so many people that are providing this facility online and offline.

    Reasons to make a pet portrait.

    There is not a single reason due to which a person gets the portrait done of their pets. Now we will discuss the three main reasons for the portrait:

    • Memorize a deceased pet:

    As we all know, the life of animals is comparatively lesser than the life of human beings. Animals are alive for a limited period. Some owners prefer to get the portrait made of their loved pets to keep them as a memory and give them a tribute when they are no more in between them.

    • As a gift:

    As the love for pets is increasing. Giving a pet portrait to a pet lover will be the best gift. You can gift such pet portraits to your friends and family members, and they will surely love your gift.

    • As a decoration:

    Another reason for buying a pet portrait is that they act as a good decoration piece. These portraits double the beauty of your house. According to science, not only has this, but even their different postures also symbolized different things that add positivity and happiness to your house.

    For using the portrait for any of the three purposes, the owner can either make the portrait himself if he knows how to paint or hire a professional pet portrait artists who will make an attractive portrait for him at an affordable price.

    What are the different factors that must be considered while purchasing a pet portrait?

    As the owner wants to keep the portrait of his pet as a long-term memory so he will surely want a perfect picture that will have an eye-catching effect. So to get an attractive pet portrait, the owner must consider certain things before ordering the portrait:

    The medium of the portrait

    There are a variety of mediums that can be used for making a pet portrait. The portrait’s look and cost will depend on the medium you are using for making the portrait. The portrait can be made using pencil and charcoal; these portraits will be less expensive as only a pencil is used to make them. On the other hand, we can prefer making the portrait using colors; this portrait will be comparatively costlier, but it will add a natural effect to the portrait.

    Now we will discuss different mediums:


    These are the best options for creating a black and white portrait at an affordable price as they give a natural effect to the portrait.

    Oil and acrylic colors:

    Though these are the traditional medium of painting, they provide attraction and provide great textures to the portrait. These are the best portrait for those who want a classic portrait with a unique look.


    This is another technique that is most trending these days. These are made through the artist’s softwares, and they are comparatively cheaper than other modes; the styles provided by this technology are beyond the owner’s imagination.

    Photos you are using to make the portrait:

    Even if you have hired a professional artist, then also he will require photos of excellent selection. It depends on the artist how many photos he will require to make the portrait. Some can make a good portrait with one photo only, while others need various photos from different angles to make a perfect portrait.

    You can even make a selection of frames:

    The artist provides you the facility that they will adequately frame the portrait for you, but it entirely depends on you if you wish to frame the painting or not. But adding the frame will give more life to your frame, and it also looks more attractive. If you want the portrait to be framed, you also have to select the type and color of the frame.

    The artists also give an option to do canvas wrapping to the portrait. The canvas is wrapped around the painting. This will reduce the need for frames.

    Select a suitable size for the portrait:

    The size of the portrait has a significant influence on the looks of the painting. The portrait is available in different sizes ranging from 8”*10” to 48”*72”, you can select the one as per the area you want to hang the portrait.

    What portrait must include:

    There are two options whether the owner wishes to have a portrait of the pet alone or he wants both of themselves and their pet together. If the portrait’s price also differs as per the photo you want in the portrait, is it a single pet, or is it with you?

    Selection if you want to hire a private artist or a service:

    Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, the services of making pet portraits are now available online. Some service providers give you a facility to select the artist on your own, and others select the artist for you as per your demands and costs.

    If you hire a private artist, you have to properly guide him on a timely basis about the style and material. But in case you select a service, they will make the portrait for you, and as a result, this will also help save time.

    Wind up:

    There are not only one types of portrait that can be made. The owner can also paint by numbers that will add a unique look to the portrait. You have to make sure that you select a professional artist who will prepare an attractive portrait to keep it as a memory for a lifetime.

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