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    Published On : Wed, Jan 27th, 2021
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    Save Money to Achieve These 4 Milestones Using A Savings Plan

    Have you seen your parents emphasizing the importance of saving money in life?

    It is a part of every child’s life. You might have felt bad sometimes to see your parents setting aside an amount from their income every month for a savings plan. It is only when the children grow old that they realize the importance of saving money for the rainy day.

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    Think of a situation in which your parents come to you to offer a brand-new laptop for the new job – something you knew they could not afford at all. It is how you would realize the lesson of choosing the best saving plan that they have been trying to inculcate since your childhood.

    After you start your life’s earning phase, it is crucial to save money under a savings plan. There are several such plans available, each of which caters to the needs of individuals differently.

    If you have understood the essence of what is investment, you can also consider a savings insurance plan offered by renowned insurers in India. With these savings plans, you can get guaranteed returns along with ensuring a financial safety net for your family.

    You can onboard the savings train with the best saving plan to achieve the following milestones in life:


    1.  Home Purchase

    Buying a home is a significant investment decision in everyone’s life. It requires a wait time for many individuals during which they set aside a small amount every month from their salary to realize this dream one day.

    A savings plan can help you fulfil this dream earlier in time with disciplined savings. When you buy a savings insurance plan, you need not stress about the financial resources pooled in for home purchase. It also helps in avoiding any unnecessary expenses that are hard to control otherwise. Depending on your plan to buy a home after a certain period, you can select the savings plan tenure.

    1. Your Wedding Plans

    Indian weddings are an expensive affair, and we enjoy the uniqueness of our wedding culture. If you have recently started your career, you can prevent your wedding from becoming a financial burden for your parents. All you need is the best saving plan to plan for the financial aspect related to this big day of your life.

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    A savings plan can help you deal with the wedding expenses outright. This way, you can ensure the event to be a celebration for life, not the harbinger of worries about funds required for the related expenses. Based on the entry age of a specific plan, you can also personalize savings for such needs.

    1. Child’s Higher Education Planning


    Becoming a parent is a blissful feeling. But parenthood comes with its fair share of responsibilities. You want to ensure your child gets the best quality education while schooling and for higher education plans. As a parent, the financial side of such amenities will fall on you, which requires you to be well-prepared for the same.


    Many children have to give up on their aspirations or resort to the option of high-interest education loans. With the rising cost of education, things may become financially unbearable for many parents. One way to avoid such situations is to start saving money in a savings plan from the time your child is born.


    1. Retirement Planning


    Do you love to see happily retired couples taking morning strolls in the park or traveling to places to enjoy their retirement years? You may have dreamt of the same for yourself. Those years of life post-retirement are considered the golden years, which can be best lived when you have planned for financial independence.

    You might have seen elderly individuals working nine-to-five after retirement to sustain their financial needs. Although there is nothing wrong with the same, you can retire in peace when you have prepared for it in advance with the best saving plan.


    How to Choose a Suitable Savings Plan?

    Selecting a savings plan requires thorough research about the available plans and detailed comparison. Here is how you can choose a saving plan for various goals in life:

    • Identify your goals, which can be different from that of your peers. Doing this will help you align the savings plan selection with your future needs.
    • Compare different savings plans and check for the benefits you seek to fulfil your goals. You can also opt for term insurance comparison with savings plan to understand the differences.
    • Look for the option to withdraw money from the savings plan for emergencies.
    • Use online calculators to check the coverage/payouts you can get by paying a specific premium for the best saving plan.
    • Check if you can increase the savings component in the plan to have an adequate financial backup for your life goals.


    Savings plans offer a plethora of benefits aligned for various long-term and short-term goals in life. So, be wise and save carefully for the time ahead.

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