Radisson Blu hotel slapped with Rs 1 lakh fine for serving sub-standard food

Nagpur: Radisson Blu, the prominent hotel on Wardha road, which has been recently in the news for wrong reasons, has been slapped with the fine of Rs 1 lakh by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for serving sub-standard food to the guests. The fine was issued following the laboratory reports confirming the sub-standardized quality of Paneer sample taken from the hotel. Radisson Blu has recently caught the eye of storm after spate of incidents tarnished its claims of quality and security.

Apart from quality of food, there were issues regarding the sex racket that was found to be running in the hotel rooms,

On December 15, 2018, the awful case of worm-laced Sambhar served in the hotel had came to the fore. Following which the FDA team had collected food samples of Paneer, Tur Dal and Mixed veg which they further sent to Mumbai for tests.

The worms were found in the food served on two consecutive days on December 14 and 15, last year.

Following the complaint, the FDA team had seized the contaminated food and assured immediate action against the hotel.