Published On : Tue, Oct 12th, 2021

NIT focuses on shops running sans OC, but spares Glocal Mall of crores in premium

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Nagpur: The double standards of the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) have come to the fore while dealing with the multi-crore Glocal Square Mall project in the city. While on one hand, the NIT has refused to issue Occupancy Certificate (OC) to the Mall over several shortcomings and flaws in its construction, on the other hand, the agency has been found not recovering crores in premium over delay in completion of construction and change in use of the Mall project.

The project is being developed by Pune-based Goel Ganga Infrastructure and Real Estate Private Ltd at a commercial hub in Sitabuldi. The developer is also operating shops despite lacking Occupancy Certificate (OC) and rejection of an application seeking the mandatory OC a few days ago.

The state-of-the-art Glocal Square Mall project stole headlines after NIT rejected the application by the developer seeking partial OC on September 30.

At a time when the NIT focused only on shops running without NOC, it has kept a studied silence on not recovering crores in premium over delay in completion of construction and change in use of the Mall project. Apprised of the fact, the West Nagpur MLA Vikas Thakre filed a complaint with NIT Chairman Manoj Kumar Suryawanshi saying the NIT didn’t recover additional premium for change in use to give more benefits to the developer.

Thakre said, “Use of land on which the project is being constructed is residential and commercial in the city’s development plan. NIT sanctioned commercial building on the entire land. NIT was supposed to recover additional premium for change in use, which was never taken,” he said.

According to reports, as per condition number ‘E’ and ‘E-1’ in lease deed dated August 26, 2009, executed between NIT and seven persons from Buty family for the land on which the mall is coming up, the entire project was supposed to be completed within three years. In case of delay, NIT Chairman can grant an extension of one year, subject to payment of additional premium. Currently, the developer is yet to complete G+1 of the total seven-storeyed project.

Thakre also alleged in the complaint that NIT allotted the land to the developer at 50% of total estimated cost. There are also various deviations in the building compared to the sanctioned plan. NIT should fix responsibility and initiate action against concerned officials who caused financial loss and also overlooked violations. NIT should issue notice and demolish the unauthorized construction, he demanded.

Commenting on the controversy, NIT officials speaking to local newspaper said the developer is yet to pay the entire amount of the revised sanction plan.

Citing 14 violations, NIT had denied partial OC to Glocal Square Mall. This indicates the building doesn’t have OC. However, the developer has started using the building for over a year. Many shops were also operating in the under-construction mall. Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is running drive-in vaccination and also operating lactation cuboid in the mall which lacks OC. The developer has also continued operation of temporary shops constructed in front of the margin of the mall and on some part of Abhyankar Road. The shops are causing severe congestion on the road, reports said.