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    Is NMC being operated on CMs’ or NCP chief’s directives?

    All NMC operations are at halt, severe fund scarcity, says NMC chief

    Nagpur: As the development work within the city boundaries are at halt for over a year now, the only question trending among Nagpurians that – Is the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) being operated on the directives of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray or National Congress Party chief, Sharad Pawar?

    Intervening in such sorry state of affairs at NMC, Union Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari, Guardian Minister, Nitin Raut, Maharashtra Urban Development Minister and Home Minister has also issued directives to NMC Chief Radhakrishnan B, but in vain. Such sloppy work at NMC has raised the stipulation among citizens that has NMC turned into one the pawn of Maharashtra CM or NMC Supremo?

    Under such circumstances, a question arises that the two leaders are more concerned with derailing BJP-led NMC, than depriving Nagpurians of their share of development!

    NMC Chief Radhakrishnan B has often highlighted the issue of fund scarcity. If the scenarios really are as severe as NMC Chief claims to be, then there’s a need to conduct a thorough inquiry in this regard, after dissolving the NMC.

    While Congress believes that going by the rulebook behavior of NMC Chief is not going to adversely affect them but only aims to highlight the corruption conducted by the BJP-led administration over the years. This has been attributed to piles of debt and mounting unpaid bills and NMC don’t even have any fund to pay their employees as per 7th pay commission.

    NMC – Nagpur Municipal Corporation Sorry State of Affairs

    1. Budget 20-21 , NMC Commissioner Accepted but not implemented for reason – No Funds & no financial position of NMC. All development works of the Nagpur City is on hold from January 2020 (Shri Tukaram Munde Commissioner Tenure) till date January 2021 ( Shri RadhaKrishnan B- Commissioner) .

    2. State Government ( MVA) sanctioned increased GST Grant to NMC per month to now Rs. 100 Cr approx , but still The Commissioner is alleging that the State Government that MVA is not giving proper funding to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) .

    3. Just very recently Honable CM- Shri Uddhav Thackreyji , Maharahstra (MVA) , ordered NMC to implement 7th Pay Commission , but till date the same has not been implemented. For reason- No Funds & no Financial position of NMC. The Chief Accounts & Finance Officer (CAFO) of The NMC , served letter to Revenue Department (All NMC Tax Departments) , from wherever NMC generates revenue , stating that 100% recovery to be done from citizens then only the Commissioner will implement 7th Pay Commission Salary for all NMC employees.

    4. NMC has two categories of employees 1. State government Employees ( where in 7th pay commission is already implemented by Maharashtra State). 2. NMC Owned employees ( where 7th Pay commission is still not implemented) & the implementing authority is all State Government Officials like Hon’ble Commissioner , Additional Commissioner, CAFO, Chief Engineer , some HODs etc by MVA government. The State Government officials have no interest in implementing the 7th pay commission to local NMC employees stating reason no funds and no financial position.

    5. Education effect – NMC 100% state government funding granted schools employees are already taking 7Th Pay commission. Rest teachers and other employees on roll of NMC are not getting 7Th Pay Commission for the reason of no Funds & no Financial position of NMC.

    6. Corona Effect – The State Government has issued GR for common public to maintain social distancing and save citizens from COVID deaths, but NMC runned Public Transport is only 30% operational In Fleet size compared to per-Covid times, leading to overcrowding at peak times and causing more danger to life of Nagpurians as the total Fleet is 437 sanctioned with precondition passenger count as approx 1.5 lakhs public per day but now same public is getting only 172 buses that too irregular trips for reason No Funds & no financial position of NMC as per The Commissioner Statements to noted NGOs, government official delegations, public representatives of various political outfits, including Nagpur Corporation Corporators & office Bearers & MVA Government Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, and representatives etc . The Viability Gap Fund Budget for Public Transport sanctioned is already 108 crore every year and utilised is less than sanctioned , still due to this statement of The Commissioner , Nagpur public has to travel now by expensive Petrol two wheelers , from far off places ladies working very riskily already accidents increased in IT Mihan Areas & highway areas, and nearby rural areas farmers, working class, lower class people unable to commute or have to take expensive auto and taxi leading to lot of financial burden and pain to low class public.

    7. Waste Management in the City – is totally Mismanaged . In spite of appointing New Agencies at higher rates than earlier, still the garbage in the city is at very sorry state and citizens are facing wrath of sickness and diseases in many localities, especially the corona period , due to shortage of manpower & machines with new agencies.

    8. PWD Works- The NMC is only concentrating on Cement Roads and totally ignoring Quality and even the enquiry commission was managed. Comparison was drawn by many NGOs in testing old cement roads of the city and newly made cement roads in the city and it was proved that quality was compromised.

    Cement Road Phase- II , tender was issued even without agency qualifying the experience and Tender & Quality conditions, and even payment was made in crores without verification and still the Enquiry Committee has no result.

    9. Fire Department – This is one of most important departments of any Municipal Corporation, and 50% post in this department of NMC is kept vacant specially technical posts , for reason no funds and no financial position to give salaries. In Last incident of fire, the fire station had to be closed to send available fire officers to fight the fire in the city.

    10. Town Planning Department – to simple get a sanction of a. House map for common man it takes 6 to 12. Months minimum in NMC and from down to top approx 2 lakhs is taken bribe including fire NOC.

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