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    Published On : Wed, Dec 9th, 2020
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    How Much Is Too Much For Buying A TV?



    Gone are the days when TV used to be out of reach for middle-class families. With TVs available from Rs. 7000, they are no more a luxury, but rather a must-have appliance in every home.

    But at the other end of the spectrum, TVs are available at whopping price tags of more than 5 lakhs.


    It is no wonder that people are confused what to buy, which features to look for and which ones are just a hogwash.


    What To Look For


    At the bare minimum, you need Full HD display to watch decent quality cable TV and streaming content. Opt for 4K only if you regularly stream content from Netflix, Prime or YouTube. Set top box content are not 4K and most likely they won’t be anytime soon. Even majority of the content from Prime and Netflix are just Full HD. So, even if your TV is 4K ready, you won’t have much 4K content available to enjoy any time soon.


    HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which essentially means the TV can display wider range of colour and has a better contrast ratio. Here again, other than streaming content, you don’t have any cable TV content in India that are HDR compatible. So, if you are someone who streams often, then by all means opt for a TV with HDR display otherwise, save here too.


    Audio has taken a massive hit ever since TVs became flat. While newer models are working to improve it, they still mostly remain uninspiring. Options like Clear Audio that helps distinguish between dialogues and background music; Auto volume adjuster; Dolby Digital Plus, Surround Sound features are good to have for an entertaining sound quality.


    Smart features which were once a luxury is now part of most TVs. With it, you can connect your TV to the internet and stream content from various apps. Chromecast is a minimum needed feature. Also ensure that the TV has minimum 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage.


    Futuristic Features


    8K is a futuristic feature available in high end TVs. But other than gaming content from PS5 and a few experimental 8K content from YouTube, there are hardly any videos available.


    TVs with high end audio quality costs a lot and they still have its limitations. So, you could rather opt for a sound bar than paying more for a TV with sophisticated audio features.


    Newer smart TVs have features like Personal Computer, Home Cloud, Live Cast etc. But more than often these features remain idle. So, rather than looking for such features that cost a hefty price tag, consider your priorities and invest in them.

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