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    Published On : Sun, Mar 14th, 2021
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    Different types of rummy variations

    Games have changed drastically over time along with us. People all over the world made changes to a different set of games and turned them according to their taste, depending on where they live, the culture, their habits, etc. 

    One popular game in India is Rummy with a total of 500 different variations all over the world, the game has been adapted by different cultures as their own, thus leading to numerous variations to it like the Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, and several others. The online version of Rummy Variations on RummyBaazi has gained a lot of popularity among card game fanatics. The objective of the Rummy variations is similar, but the rules may differ. 

    Following are some of the most popular Rummy variations in the country, explained for you –

    1. 21 Card Rummy 

    21 Card Rummy is one of the popular Rummy Card Game variations in India. It is also known as the ‘Indian Marriage’ and played at almost every major festival. Similar to the 13 Card Rummy, three decks of cards are used instead of the two decks in the 13 card. The players are given 21 cards each and need to construct three decks and group the cards into valid sets and pure sequences.


    1. Gin Rummy 


    Gin Rummy is a European Rummy variety. It is played with a standard 52 Card deck and is only played between 2 people. Each player gets 10 cards, which they have to meld into sequences and sets of 3 cards. 

    1. 13 Card Rummy

    The 13 Card Rummy or the Indian Rummy is an offshoot of the Gin Rummy variation. Each player is given 13 cards to form into valid sets and sequences by picking and discarding the 14th card. Jokers play a vital role in this game and can be used as a substitute for the other cards. On declaration, the player must possess at least two sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence. 

    1. Points Rummy

    Points Rummy is a preferable game for Beginners. It is the simplest among, all the variations and has the most basic form of the 13 Card Rummy. It is loved by a majority of people because of its brief gameplay that usually lasts for 2 to 3 minutes to be exact. The winner is concluded with the player having the least scores by the end of the game

    1. Deals Rummy

    Deals Rummy is similar to Points Rummy except for having a predetermined number of deals. Each player gets an equal amount of chips but they have to give them all away to the winning player after each deal. By the end of the game, the player with the highest number of chips is declared the winner. 

    1. Pools Rummy

    The Pools Rummy variation is a game where the players need to pool in their money to play. It has two versions of its own, which are the 101 and 201 Pool Rummy. The Pool Rummy is similar to Points Rummy, where there is just one winner and the rest are eliminated once they receive 101 or 201 points, based on what they are playing. 

    1. Marriage Rummy

    Marriage Rummy is a card game that is popular in countries like Nepal, India, and Bhutan. It is usually played among 5 players using only Wild Jokers, no printed Jokers. Each player gets 21 cards and their combination sequences and sets must be made up of 3 cards only. 

    1. Kalooki Rummy

    Kalooki Rummy is a popular variation of Rummy from Jamaica. It is played with a maximum of 8 players. The number of players present in a game decides the number of decks they will use to play. The Kalooki is played for nine deals, players have to lay down all their cards at the end of each deal. The player with the lowest score by the end of the game is declared the winner. The Joker and Ace cards carry the most number of points here.  

    1. Dummy Rummy

    Dummy Rummy first came into existence in the United States. It is played with at least 4 players. The game itself has different variations of its own. Each player gets 13 cards initially, which they have to group into sets and sequences while getting rid of the ones they don’t need to win. Players have to deal with 108 cards and group them into 12 possible combinations. 

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