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    Published On : Thu, Jan 14th, 2021

    Are card games taking over the gaming industry? Junglee Rummy says yes!


    When it comes to card games, every household in India has its own story to tell. We all have grown up playing Indian rummy or watching our elders play this fun-filled game. It is Indians’ love for card games that made traditional games like rummy a part of our culture. With the online gaming industry growing manifold with each passing year, card games have become hugely popular with all socio-economic classes.

    You no longer need to wait for social gatherings or celebrations to play the game as you can play rummy online now. Popular online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy have elevated the design and experience of traditional card games. Rummy, a game once played by families and friends during special gatherings, has now transformed into an avant-garde avatar that is played every day online. Not only millennials but older people also enjoy online rummy games.

    Old games with new packaging

    Online rummy seems to be the best thing that happened to the booming gaming sector in India. Growing at a rate of 22% every year, the online gaming industry has in no time become bigger in size than both the radio and music industries combined. Apart from the Indians’ familiarity with the genre, the availability of cheaper smartphones, better internet connectivity, and an abundance of digital payment modes have all led to the online card games’ massive popularity.

    The increasing craze for local card games like rummy in the country has attracted the interest of talented software developers. The only challenge faced is to sustain the feel of the traditional game while customizing it to meet the needs of modern players and retain its appeal for the masses.

    Games with a local flavor

    Card games have a mass appeal and people from all walks of life easily connect with them. With the increasing number of people entering the digital space, game developers have started moving toward games that are traditional in nature and are already popular. It saves the time and effort required to teach the concepts of the game to users.

    Gaming platforms like Junglee Rummy have introduced user-friendly interfaces and some innovative features, including different game formats, to keep the game interesting. In present times, people also indulge in games while on the move. Games need to have the essence of traditional games and should be easily accessible.To meet that requirement, keeping the user interface seamless and user-friendly was given priority during design and development by Junglee.

    Different levels and rewarding challenges

    When digital gaming replaced real-world games, card games became an instant hit. Even though the digital gaming world has something to offer for everyone, card games like poker and rummy have been at the forefront. The thrill and reward, along with their round-the-clock availability, made these games better suitable to the needs of today’s gamers. Being a skill game customized in several local languages further helped online rummy card games to become popular with the masses quickly.

    To make the game more challenging, different rummy variants and levels have been introduced in online rummy. Trusted online rummy game platforms like Junglee Rummy have introduced freeroll and cash tournaments for players of varying skill levels. Starting with a free game and moving on to cash tables has become a smooth and easy transition for players. Regular offers and bonuses help in player engagement and provide them with gratification.

    Amazing opportunities for investing and earning

    As card games are taking over the gaming industry, card game developers are receiving unprecedented demands from big gaming businesses as well as start-ups. Besides coming up with innovative features, developers must release real-time updates to fix any bugs and meet gamers’ new demands and desires.

    The current trends suggest that the online gaming industry is going to grow  exponentially in the years to come. Traditional card games have always been a favorite of Indian players. The huge response received by gaming companies like Junglee Games stands testimony to that.

    To make their platforms suitable for both newcomers and experienced players, online rummy portals and apps provide the option of practice games, which are free, as well as cash games and tournaments. A player can go for a rummy game download and install the app on their phone to play rummy games anytime with real players and win real cash rewards. New players should always start with free games and brush up on their gaming skills before playing cash tournaments and high-stake games.

    It can be safely said that skill games are taking over the online gaming industry in India and card games like rummy are the major contributor to the growth of skill gaming. It should not be a surprise if online card games acquire the status of being the global front-runner in the online gaming industry soon.

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