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    Published On : Fri, Sep 20th, 2019
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    9 Things You Should Not Miss Out When Playing Rummy Tournaments

    You may like to play rummy tournaments, but before you register for the same, you must be aware of certain rules and norms. These are different than rules for a rummy card game free, and many who intend to play tournaments for the first time, are usually not aware about. Thus, we have listed below some of the things that you must know about rummy tourneys.

    1. Type of Tournament

    Tourneys are primarily two types: time-based or round-based, latter one being the most popular. So when you register to play rummy tourneys, make sure you know the type of it. In time-based game, the game ends in a certain time limit. In a round-based game, there will be several rounds, and the winners of each round then go to the next. The winners who make it to the finale compete once for a cash prize.

    2. How much is the Buy-in?
    In most of rummy card game played for money, a small participation fee, which is non-refundable, is applicable. The buy-in amount is a lot less than the prize amount of each round, especially that of the finale. So, look into the buy-in amount before you register. Ensure that your rummy account has enough balance to pay for the buy-in amount.

    3. Timings of the Game and Registration
    Every cash or free rummy game that is round-based, or basically a tourney, is launched at specific timings. You have to join the game at that particular time. Also, you need to register at least 5 minutes prior to the start of the game. It is advisable to register in advance as seats fill quite quickly in tournaments involving a high monetary reward.

    4. How Many Participants Will Play?
    Look into the details of the card games and know the maximum number of participants allowed to play for a round. This will give a clear idea as to how many people are competing for the said round and your chances of winning the round. However, if there are hundreds of participants, you will not compete against all. You will be competing against a specific number of people on your table.

    5. Number of Rounds Involved
    Note the number of rounds a tourney has. Most of the online rummy tournaments have at least two or three rounds, some of the games may have more rounds, depending on number of participants and rules of the play. The number of rounds will give you a fair idea as to how many of these you need to cross to get to the finale and how much time it may take to play the tourney.

    6. Factors to Decide the Winners
    If you play rummy online for cash, then the winners will be decided as per their ranking for a specific round to next. Those who win at their table proceed to the next round. However, there could be certain terms and conditions regarding how the winners will be chosen, especially if there is a tie at a position. So educate yourself to these regulations before you join a game.

    7. Distribution of the Prize Amount
    When you play rummy online real money, also pay attention to the rules to distribution of the prize amount. Usually the cash prize is distributed to winners as per their winning ranking. In case of a tie, the money gets distributed among winners in a different manner. Thus, know the rules to prize amount distribution before you register for a tourney.

    8. How to Use the Winning Amount?
    There are several uses of a winning amount. Most of the websites permit you to withdraw the winnings to your bank account. However in certain playing card games, you can utilize the winning prize only to play further games or perhaps make a purchase at a partnered outlet or store.

    9. Other Terms and Conditions
    There will be other conditions to play rummy online free like the freeroll tournaments meant for new members for a specific number of days, without buy-in, etc. Then there could be taxation rules on high winning amount, conditions under which a person can be disallowed from playing the game, etc. So go through all the rules of the play, and understand each before you register.

    In Conclusion
    Rummy tournaments are most exciting to play. Those who play online free rummy games always wish to step a notch higher and take part in round-based tourneys. So, if you wish to try out tournament as well, do not hesitate but does give it a go.

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