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    Published On : Fri, Dec 11th, 2020
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    100 meter By-pass line plugged major leakage on 500 mm dia Futala feeder line

    Water issues of Futala, Kachimet ,Sanjay Nagar to be resolved

    Nagpur: Its just like a By-pass surgery of Heart (that is done to remove blockages in blood veins) , Nagpur Municipal Corporation & Orange City Water (OCW) put up a 100 meter by-pass line to remove leakage/blockage in an existing 500 mm dia Futala feeder line, in a bid to streamline water supply.

    Like, if our heart veins gets blocked and Cardiologists find it difficult to clear it, they put a by-pass line to avoid blocked veins and normalize blood supply to heart.
    In similar manner NMC-OCW put up bypass line to remove leakage that was deep under the retaining wall of Futala Lake near Bharat Van side.

    It is learnt that 500 mm dia water supply line that was passing through dense forest of Bharat wan near Futala lake below retaining wall supplies water to many areas of Futala, Kanchmet, Sanjay Nagar, Pankaj Nagar, Hindustan Colony off Amravati Road , developed leakage during ongoing Futala Lake road widening work in March 2020 (Before lockdown).

    NMC-OCW Dharampeth zone technical team, then only stared a search operation of all pipelines and valves after many complaints about low pressure water or sometimes about no water started pouring in from Futala, Kanchimet, Sanjay Nagar, Pankaj Nagar, Hindustan Colony off Amravati Road areas.
    Finally after 7-days of detailed search it was detected that water was oozing out from retaining wall of Futala Lake.

    During lockdown period NMC-OCW technical team first tried to locate leakage that was deep under the retaining wall for almost five-six days. However digging further was difficult and would have cause damage to retaining wall as well as to ongoing road widening work.

    NMC –OCW technical experts team under leadership of NMC Executive Engineer Mr Manoj Ganvir, OCW CEO Mr Sanjoy Roy, Director (O & M) Mr Rajesh Kalra along with Dharampeth Zonal Team and Main Pipeline Team decided to lay a bypass line of over 100 meter from Bharat Wan side till Mr Awasthi’s residence.

    Under difficult circumstances, i.e almost 20 feet deep isde Bharatvan jangle areas 500 mm pipeline was laid. Thustblock casting on both end of newly laid 500 mm dia pipeline completed and then NMC-OCW team by taking a shutdown of 12-hours completed final interconnection work on Dec 10, 2020. The existing pipeline under the retaining wall will be kept as it is and water supply to l to entire Sanjay Nagar, Trust Layout, Pankaj Nagar, Raju Nagar, Sudam Nagari, Upper portion of Pandhrabodi etc will be done via new bypass line now.
    OCW mainline team under leadership of Mr Sushant Sourabh and Dharampeth zone team under leadership of Delegate Mr Narendra Bhandarkar , Mr Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Mr Pankaj Giri Team worked hard for the project bypass line to plug the major leakage.

    NMC-OCW thanked citizens for their co-operation during such difficult work.

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